The new acute care hospital in Goedstrup will cover the entire western area of the Central Denmark Region. With this project the West Hospital Unit will be brought together in one location instead of the current locations in Holstebro, Lemvig, Ringkoebing, Tarm, and Herning.

The hospital consists of a 125.000m2 somatic department, which is financed by the quality-fund, and a 13.500m2 psychiatric hospital, which is financed by the Central Denmark Region. The budget for the somatic part of the hospital amounts to DKK 3,30bn and DKK 0,4bn for the psychiatric part. The building process began in September 2012 and is expected ready for use by 2019-2020.

The main vision of the project was made clear by the hospital administration, the main employee committee, and the head of departments: The New Hospital in Goedstrup will be the patient’s hospital.

For further information about the hospital see the slide show linked here.